Artists’ residence in Austria


Author: Ramin Ahmadi


Austria , as a member state of the European Union and a member of the Schengen Treaty, gives people the unique opportunity to stay with artists in Austria, Have obtained a permanent residence in Austria and can freely travel, live and work in the European Union.

As you know, Austria is a country that ranks first in the world in terms of culture and art, and therefore Austria is remembered as a cradle of culture and art, including some of the most famous artists and musicians in Austria.

Artists such as Wolfgang Mozart and Johann Strauss can be mentioned around the world.

There are numerous career opportunities for artists in the fields of music, drama, cinema, tiling, mosaic, writing, photography, painting, sculpture, graphic, cartoon, painting and pottery, carpet weaving, artistic painting, calligraphy and illumination.
Enables easy migration and permanent residence. Artist residency in Austria is acceptable to artists who work both independently and independently.
See the article ” Immigration to Austria ” in detail about immigration requirements to Austria.
Artist Residence in Austria – Benefits of Artist Residence in Austria
The benefits of staying in Austria include:
1 to 5 years of residence in Austria
Obtaining permanent residence in Austria after 5 years
Obtain an Austrian passport after 5 years
Refund of taxes paid to the artist in Austria
Full payment of health and pension insurance by the Austrian government
 Ability to work independently or as an employee
No need for continuous presence in Austria
 No income ceiling
Ability to supply works and sales worldwide
 The opportunity to travel and live indefinitely in any of the Schengen countries
 Possibility to live in Vienna, Austria
 Possibility to study in Austria
 Bank loan
Possibility to buy installments of home, car, home
 Visa-free travel in 6 countries of the Schengen area.